Battlespace Next(TM)

Developing a Serious Game to Explore Multi-Domain Operations


  • Nathan Flack Air Force Institute of Technology
  • Alan Lin Air Force Institute of Technology
  • Bert Peterson Air Force Institute of Technology
  • Mark Reith Air Force Institute of Technology



Serious Games, Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2), Multi-Domain Operations (MDO), Collectible Card Game (CCG), Military Education and Training


Changes in the geopolitical landscape and increasing technological complexity have prompted the U.S. Military to coin the terms Multi-Domain Operations (MDO) and Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2) as over-arching strategy to frame the complexity of warfare across both traditional and emerging warfighting domains. Teaching new concepts associated with these terms requires both innovation as well as distinct education and training tools in order to realize the cultural change advocated by senior military leaders. Battlespace NextTM (BSN) is a serious game designed to teach concepts integral to MDO and initiate discussion on military strategy while conserving time, money, and manpower. BSN, a Collectable Card Game (CCG), is engineered to provide an engaging learning tool that educates on capabilities in a multi-domain conflict. This paper proposes an extensible game framework for modeling and reasoning about MDO concepts and presents our empirical feedback from over 120 military play testers evaluating a moderate to difficult version of the game. Results reveal the game teaches MDO concepts and delivers an engaging, hands-on learning experience. Specifically, we provide evidence it improved military readiness in seven areas of MDO in at least 62% of participants and 76% of respondents reported they enjoyed playing the game.



How to Cite

Flack, N., Lin, A., Peterson, G., & Reith, M. (2020). Battlespace Next(TM): Developing a Serious Game to Explore Multi-Domain Operations. International Journal of Serious Games, 7(2), 49 - 70.




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