A serious game to improve the verbal resilience against doorstep scams


  • Laura van der Lubbe Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  • Charlotte Gerritsen
  • Tibor Bosse Radboud Universiteit




serious games, virtual agents, voice analysis, doorstep scams, elderly users


Doorstep scams, scams in which con artists tell convincing but fraudulent stories in order to enter the house of a victim and/or steal personal belongings or information, have a high impact on victims. These victims are often elderly people. Existing campaigns mostly focus on the behavioural aspects that help to prevent a doorstep scam from happening, but verbal skills also contribute to the resilience of possible victims. In this research, a serious game is designed and evaluated for this purpose. The results of the evaluation are positive. The serious game is specifically seen as a valuable addition to existing training meetings.



How to Cite

van der Lubbe, L., Gerritsen, C., & Bosse, T. (2020). A serious game to improve the verbal resilience against doorstep scams. International Journal of Serious Games, 7(2), 89 - 119. https://doi.org/10.17083/ijsg.v7i2.350




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