International Journal of Serious Games


The IJSG publishes original papers of significant and lasting value in all areas related to design, development, deployment and assessment of digital Serious Games (SGs). The journal encourages submission of manuscripts that enhance the theoretical foundations of game-based learning and SG design, show innovative technological solutions aimed to improve teaching and learning, and/or provide user studies about deployment of SGs in educational or corporate training settings. Papers investigating business/product analysis and market penetration are welcome as well.

All papers should advance the state of the art in the relevant area. Empirical studies are strongly encouraged. Papers may be one of several types: research paper; tutorial/survey; research note/short paper; software/algorithms; addendum/corrections; datasets.

By publishing high quality scientific and technological papers, the IJSG intends to address the need for scientific and engineering methods for building games as effective learning tools. A successful application of SGs for education and training demands appropriate metrics, analytics, tools, and techniques for in-game user assessment, in order to allow meeting the educational goals, provide proper user feedback and support adaptivity. Appropriate mapping should be defined in order to support translation of pedagogical goals into compelling game experiences.

The SGJ aims at filling this gap, as the world reference scientific publication for supporting SG design and deployment.

Publisher: Serious Games Society
ISSN:  2384-8766
Doi prefix: 10.17083/IJSG 

The fourth IJSG issue (October 2014) has been been published online.

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Vol 1, No 4 (2014)

Table of Contents


Alessandro De Gloria


Lee Taylor-Nelms, Valerie Hill
Shujie Deng, Julie A. Kirkby, Jian Chang, Jian Jun Zhang
Aniket Nagle, Peter Wolf, Robert Riener, Domen Novak
Valere Plantevin, Bob-Antoine Jerry Menelas
Clint Bowers, Talib Hussain, Katelyn Procci

Letters to the Editor

Jon Arambarri, Isabel De La Torre-Díez, Miguel Lopez Coronado, Itziar Alvarez