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Wanick, Vanissa, University of Southampton
Watashiba, Yasuhiro, Nara Institute of Science and Technology
Westera, Wim, Open University of the Netherlands
Westera, Wim, Welten Institute, Research Center for Learning, Teaching and Technology Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences Open University of the Netherlands Valkenburgerweg 177 6419 AT Heerlen,The Netherlands
Whalen, Christina, West Health Institute
Wiesner, Stefan, Bremer Institut für Produktion und logistik
Wills, Gary, University of Southampton
Winner, Jennifer, Human Performance Directorate Air Force Office of Scientific Research
Wolf, Peter, ETH, Zurich
Wood, Guilherme, University of Graz
Wood, Guilherme, Department of Psychology, University of Graz, Austria BioTechMed-Graz
Wood, Oliver, Disruptive Media Learning Lab, Coventry University

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