Cfp: Special Issue on "Gamification of Industrial Systems"


Guest Editors:

 With the development of serious games and interactive systems, gamification concept received more attention in research and practice in the recent 10 years. The potential for training by increasing motivation for engaged interaction and the adaptation of behavior has been proven. However, despite the significant advances that have been made in game-based approaches to non-game contexts, its potential transition into industrial settings have not been realized. This is mainly due to challenging issues such as the lack of methodologies for modeling industrial scenarios in digital contents that represent real industrial systems with high fidelity, the digitalization of operational processes to ease the integration of gamification concepts, the widespread use of mobile devices in industrial work environment and the creation of work conditions where the use of gaming can take place without the interruption of activities. However, in the era of industry 4.0, which combines production methods with the state-of-the art information and communication technologies, serious games could have the potential to promote innovation and increase of resource and production efficiency.

To address these challenges, we invite submission of original papers on the application of gamification in industry; each submission will be refereed on the basis of technical quality, novelty, significance, and clarity. 

Topics might include one of the following aspects of this special issue but other relevant topics will also be considered:

  • Gamification of industrial settings
  • Ecological verification and validation of gamification in industry
  • Gamification of design and operational processes
  • Scalability of gamification and its impact on human and production processes
  • Gamification of employees’ training
  • Team play in industrial production
  • Self-efficacy evaluation
  • Study on cost effectiveness analysis of gamification application industry
  • Employees’ acceptance of gamification concepts
  • Study on the mode of usage of gamification in industrial work environment
  • Game culture in industry
  • The interplay between the gamification concepts and the processes and corporate structure

 Submitted papers must describe original research which is not published or under revision by other journals, conferences or books. Authors are responsible for understanding and adhering to submission guidelines published on the IJSG website:  (

Please address all other correspondence regarding this Special Issue to:

Please note the following important dates:

  • Deadline for submissions: (EXTENDED) 20 October 2018
  • Notification of Acceptance: 20 November 2018
  • Final copy due: 20 December 2018
  • Expected Publication: January/March 2019