Designing a Fantasy Bike-based Exergame to Foster Physical Activity


  • Catherine Pons Lelardeux IRIT, University of Toulouse, INU Champollion, Serious Game Research Lab
  • Michel Galaup EFTS, University of Toulouse - INU Champollion, SGRL
  • Fabian Hall
  • Pierre Lagarrigue ICA, University of Toulouse - INU Champollion, SGRL



serious game, physical activity, game design, cycling, exergame, bike-based exergame


Authorities recommend the practice of moderate physical activity to improve health and quality of life. "Play’n Ride" is a bike-based exergame aimed at promoting and controlling physical activity. This paper presents the usefulness of using extrinsic fantasy and a commonplace real bike to address a wide audience. It depicts the interactive universe in which the player pedals a bike equipped with sensors to control the flight altitude of an imaginary character. one hundred and seventy-eight fan park visitors from all age groups from youths to retirees tested the game during the ’Tour de France 2019’. Data were collected from an online questionnaire composed of SUS questionnaire items and a digital tracking system attached to the game-engine in order to assess the usability, the learnability and the acceptability of the system. Analysis shows that using extrinsic fantasy makes exercising fun and it engages people of all ages regardless of their interest in video games or sports.




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Pons Lelardeux, C., Galaup, M., Hall, F., & Lagarrigue, P. (2020). Designing a Fantasy Bike-based Exergame to Foster Physical Activity. International Journal of Serious Games, 7(3), 21–39.