Serious Games and Experiential Learning: Options for Engineering Education


  • Ernesto Pacheco-Velazquez Tecnologico de Monterrey
  • Maria Soledad Ramirez Montoya Tecnologico de Monterrey
  • David Salinas-Navarro Aston University



Serious Games, Engineering education, Educational innovation, Higher education, Experiential learning, Game-based Learning


This research delves into the use of simulation games as a learning tool in logistics education, with a focus on the Logistics Simulator and Production Game Simulator. Through an analysis of these two cases, relevant findings were uncovered. Firstly, simulation games can recreate concrete experiences, allowing students to engage with challenging problems in a practical manner. In addition, simulation games offer a platform for experimentation with diverse scenarios, enabling students to hone their decision-making skills in a safe environment. Furthermore, the degree of motivation and engagement exhibited by students was found to be positively correlated with their experience gained through simulators. However, while the results obtained from the simulator were associated with student motivation and engagement, the study did not yield conclusive evidence in terms of student learning outcomes. The findings underscore the significance of employing strategies that enhance student motivation and support deep learning, thereby enabling students to apply and transfer knowledge to new situations. Notably, simulation games have great potential in logistics education as they facilitate faster and more enjoyable comprehension of key decision-making factors. Nevertheless, limitations of this study include the small sample size in both cases, which restricts generalizability, and the lack of consideration for sociodemographic factors in the baseline survey. Future research should address these limitations for more reliable findings on the specific needs of students in game-based and experiential learning contexts.







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Serious Games and Experiential Learning: Options for Engineering Education. (2023). International Journal of Serious Games, 10(3), 3-21.

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