Serious board games: modding existing games for collaborative ideation processes




Board games, Serious games, Collaboration, Soft Skills


Modern board games are booming, exploring new design elements, and providing dynamics that can support unique experiences. Serious game approaches can benefit from these insights and novelty. With the appropriate adaptation, modern board games may become flexible and cheaper ways to use and prototype serious games. Exploring these games and player engagement can support digital game design. Digital game designers may learn from modern board games to playtest player engagement and build prototypes for their serious games. This paper describes an experience with several adapted modern board games aiming to create a “Light Collaborative Ideation Process”, supported by the “Engagement Design” model and “The big five personality traits”. The game session objectives concerned fostering collaboration and ideation among participants in an informal meeting. The session successfully supported the potential of using modern board games, although showing the limitations and future developments required to benefit from the modding approach.

Author Biography

Micael Sousa, University of Coimbra

Graduate in civil engineering. Graduate in History with minor in arts and heritage. Master degree in energy and environment. Master degree in heritage studies. Ph.D candidate in spatial planning. 

Civil engineer, with experience in project managing of public and private construction works. Manager of maintenance works, working also with health, safety, and environmental systems. Worked as Councilor adjunct in the city of Leiria for the planning and urban department, coordinator of the Strategic Plan for Urban Development, and in the Urban Master Plan for Leiria. Researcher, trainer and invited lecturer, speaker about serious games, and analog games developer for entertainment and serious games. Teacher of history. Coordinator of several associations and volunteer organizations.
Researcher about transports, environment, planning, and serious games. Creative entrepreneur, blogger, newspaper writer, podcaster, and YouTuber about general knowledge issues, serious games, board games, politics, philosophy, and planning.




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Sousa, M. (2021). Serious board games: modding existing games for collaborative ideation processes. International Journal of Serious Games, 8(2), 129–146.