Alessandro De Gloria

1955 - 2023


  • Francesco Bellotti DITEN, University of Genova, Italy
  • Jannicke Baalsrud Hauge 2KTH- Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden, and BIBA- Bremer Institut für Produktion und Logistik GmbH, Bremen, Germany
  • Francesca De Rosa Center for Advanced Pathogen Threat Response and Simulation, Austin, Texas, US
  • Manuel Gentile Institute for Educational Technology – National Research Council of Italy, Palermo, Italy
  • Johan Jeuring Department of Information and Computing Sciences of Utrecht University, The Nether-lands
  • Iza Marfisi Schottman Le Mans University, France
  • Manuel Ninaus Institute of Psychology, University of Graz, Austria
  • Remco Veltkamp Department of Information and Computing Sciences of Utrecht University, Netherlands
  • Vanissa Wanick Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton, UK
  • Riccardo Berta DITEN, University of Genova, Italy



Serious games, Alessandro De Gloria, MSc program, Strategic engineering, Serious Games Society


The editorial of this issue of the International Journal of Serious Games is the last one signed by our Editor in Chief and Founder, Prof. Alessandro De Gloria. Alessandro passed away in Genova, Italy, on March 20th, few days after his 68th birthday.

He founded the Serious Games Society and served as its first President, then as Honorary President. He founded also the Games and Learning Alliance Conference, of which he was the first General Chair and Honorary Chair.

We mourn a great friend, and a pioneer researcher and creative teacher, with a broad, constructive vision and outstanding team-building skills. The good he made will remain in time.



2023-03-31 — Updated on 2023-04-20





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