Gamification in Retail: Enhancing Grocery Customer Experience with Location-Based Strategies


  • Alireza Zandi PhD Student in ITLS, Department of Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences, Utah State University
  • Yoones A. Sekhavat



Gamification, Customer experience, Location-Based Strategies


This study explores how gamification impacts customer experience in the retail sector emphasizing the need for businesses to differentiate in competitive markets. Gamification involves using game design elements in non-game contexts and is growing as a method to boost customer engagement and satisfaction. The research presents a unique gamified shopping system using location-based (Beacon technologies) with a custom mobile app. This system engages customers through interactive games and challenges in specific store locations. The app includes features like a suggestion page puzzle scoreboard and a points-based reward system. Study findings show a significant positive correlation between gamification strategies and improved customer experience (CX). Using game elements in non-game contexts enhances consumer behaviors and aligns with Self-Determination Theory principles. The app also integrates eco-friendly features and social interaction elements for an innovative and environmentally friendly approach to enhancing the retail customer experience.  








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Gamification in Retail: Enhancing Grocery Customer Experience with Location-Based Strategies. (2024). International Journal of Serious Games, 11(2), 43-63.